Bryan Black – @353jerseys4hope – is fighting Epilepsy and his favorite distraction is College Basketball. Unfortunately for him we are entering the long offseason of College Basketball. The first Division 1 College Basketball games of 2019-20 won’t be played until Tuesday 11/5/2019. Bryan is trying to collect every jersey of all the Division 1 teams […]

Dave Barend’s – @CollHoopsHumor – Humorous Tweets about College Basketball every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all year round – Like a Post and you will be tagged on the next one – Dave always follows back – – Thanks for following him! Dave is an avid and intelligent College Basketball fan and loves the […]

I visited 27 Division 1 College Basketball Arenas during the 2018-19 College Basketball Season and plan to visit at least 30 Arenas each season.  At my current pace I will have visited all 353 Division 1 Arenas by the end of the 2029-30 College Basketball Season.  I currently have 10 trips planned for next season […]