The NCAA Tournament is the biggest Sporting Event each and every March. March Madness drives so many Sales Reps to “work from home” the first Thursday and Friday of the Tournament as the games start at 12pm and go nonstop until just after midnight est. Others that can’t work from home call out sick or take vacation days so they can watch all the madness play out. The hardcore fans can spend almost an entire four days in front of the television and never have a break from basketball. There were thoughts to expand the NCAA Tournament to 96 teams several years ago but most experts agreed that the Tournament would be too watered down with that many teams. The current Tournament field is 68 teams. The case for 72 teams is pretty basic. It would just add 4 more play-in games and give four more at large teams an opportunity to make the NCAA Tournament instead of going to the NIT or having their season end altogether. The current TV contract doesn’t expire until 2032 so changes may not be imminent but 72 teams in the NCAA Tournament should definitely be considered.

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